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Next-Day Payouts, High CPM rates, 10% Referral Revenue and More at H12 (#11130)


I'm contacting you from H12 Media. Let me tell some about our services:

i) Standard, sliding, on-video banners and pops
i) Frequency capping available for sliding, on-video banners and pops.
i) Up to 100% fill rate
i) High CPM rates and revenue share
i) CPC, CPM, CPA campaigns to serve. Ad server chooses the most paying ad for your ad space every time
i) Self service control panel to manage your websites, get banner codes, run reports, request and monitor payments
i) Hourly updated reports
i) 24/7 support via our ticket system
i) 25 USD payment threshold for Paypal payments and 500 USD for bank transfers
i) Request payment and receive your money in 24 Hours! (Next-day Payouts)
i) 10% referral revenue stream
i) Adsense compatible Ad-Exchange Banners
i) All standard banner sizes for desktop and mobile traffic with ASYNC JavaScript and HTTPS enabled tags
i) Ability to set CPM based price floors for your inventory with backup banner codes

Please review our service summary and review our website. If you have any question, please don't hesitate to reply us.

Best Regards,
Business Development Team

H12 Media Advertisement
Skype Support: h12media-desk

h12media 4 года 39 недель 1 день назад


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